Over the past few years, members of this project have had close family members pass away and be buried in Israel. For family members abroad who were unable to travel to Israel in for the burial or when a shiva house is located oversees and the funeral is sudden, the ability to connect in those times of need proved to be invaluable. When a Frank Storch of Baltimore decided to transport a relative to Israel for the funeral, he set the task of streaming the funeral and burial from Har Hamenuchos to the shiva house in New York. After seeing what a menucha it had on the family in America, Frank took it upon himself to nurture this project so that other people could benefit as well.

Dedicated in loving memory of Yosef ben Chaim Yitzchok and Chana bas Zalman Leib Yekusiel Yehuda.
Additional dedications include: Rachel Daphna bas Dovid Meir and Avrohom Yisroel ben Dovid Yaakov.
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